Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bodies Found After Call To Police

"TAYLOR, AR — Lafayette County authorities are investigating an apparent murder/suicide that took place at a residence on Thursday morning at a home on Lake Erling.

"Sheriff Victor Rose said that officers went to the residence at 478 Lafayette 69 at approximately 6:22 a.m. after receiving a telephone call that some type of incident had taken place. They found the bodies of Tonuia L. Duck, 51, and Steve Duck, 55. An investigation indicated that Steve Duck shot Tonuia Duck, and later shot himself.

"Mrs. Duck has had a protection order against Mr. Duck since April 16, 2003, Rose said, but they continued to communicate after the order was served. Rose said that a divorce order was served on Mrs. Duck this past June 11."

Source: Magnolia Reporter...

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