Friday, July 5, 2013

Killer Drops Off Kids Before Shooting Himself

"DENVER, CO — A 28-year-old Green Valley Ranch woman found dead in her home Tuesday night had injuries all over her body, authorities say.

"Amber Moore of 21081 E. 46th Avenue was pronounced dead at her home Tuesday night, said Michelle Weiss-Samaras, spokeswoman for the Denver coroner's office.

"`It's something that is difficult for most of us to think of but it happens,` Weiss-Samaras said. `She was beaten to death. He didn't use a gun.`

"Police say they believe Moore's husband, Dominic Moses Moore, 32, killed her and then shot himself to death in his white 2000 Chrysler Cirrus in a field near Franktown Wednesday morning.

"The manner of death is homicide, Weiss-Samaras said.

"She had injuries to her head, neck, face, abdomen, arms and legs, she said.

"Before killing himself, Dominic Moore drove three children to his sister's house. But until the children were found an Amber Alert for the children, ages 15, 5, and 18 months, had been issued."


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