Sunday, August 7, 2011

Teens Expected To Survive Attempted Murder/Suicide

"EAST END, AR — A 16-year-old Saline County girl is expected to survive after the sheriff says an 18-year-old man shot her in the head before taking off and turning the gun on himself.

"The young man remains in the hospital at this hour with life-threatening injuries.

"The sheriff's department won't release their names until at least Monday, but Sunday morning's double shooting rattled a quiet East End neighborhood.

"But, at 8:30 Sunday morning, after already putting out a small fire at the home on the corner of Chicot Road and Barnes Drive, Saline County deputies got another call and found a 16-year-old girl shot in the head.

"After the fire, the girl and her two younger siblings stopped by to get a change of clothes to spend the day at the lake. The Saline County Sheriff says the girl went into her bedroom where the 18-year-old was waiting.

"`He shoots her twice. Takes off running down the street and get over on Barnes and shoots himself,` says Sheriff Bruce Pennington.

"Pennington [said] the teens knew each other and had a history of drama.

"`The young man from Grant County had been wanting to date this young lady, and, she didn't want to, the family didn't want to. So, you know, we've been out here before on this type situation where this young man was here, and we had to escort him off the premises because the family didn't want him here,` says Pennington.

"Sheriff Pennintgon also thinks the families did everything they could to prevent violence."

From KLRT-TV...


  1. The boy died today. Not a happy ending.

  2. good he deserved it....or the damn death penalty!