Monday, December 12, 2011

Bodies Found In Stairwell, Elevator

"NEW YORK, NY — Two men were killed Monday after an apparent murder-suicide inside a Manhattan apartment building.

"It happened just before 11 a.m. inside the Robert Fulton Houses located at 413 West 16th Street in Chelsea.

"Sources say it began when Jamie Cruz and her cousin, Brandon Romero, 20, went to the apartment of Cruz's ex-boyfriend, Kenneth Waldron, 29, to pick up her things.

"Sources say Cruz was in a back room when she heard a struggle and a gunshot. Additional shots were later fired and police found Waldron dead in the sixth floor stairwell after apparently shooting himself in the head.

"Romero was found in an elevator with gunshot and stab wounds.

"He was taken to Beth Israel Hospital in critical condition where he later died

"Cruz escaped without injury."



  1. That's so sad. I wonder if they ever found the suspect...

  2. Murder-suicide means that the one who did the murdering committed suicide after...