Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Divorce Cancelled With Five Bullets

"PENNSAUKEN, NJ — A South Jersey doctor who filed for divorce last week, was shot to death in her office yesterday by her husband, who then killed himself.

"Dr. Michelle Liggio's staffers told police that the doctor's 58-year-old husband, Christopher, came to the office during the lunch hour and the couple started arguing.

"The husband confronted the doctor, employees told police, because Dr. Liggio, 47, had recently filed for divorce and the husband did not want to split up.

"Workers reported hearing the doctor plead, `No, no, no,` before they heard five gunshots. Employees inside the office ran outside at that point and someone called 911. A SWAT team responded to the doctor's office at 7665 Maple Avenue.

"Dr. Liggio was shot to death. Police say her husband then shot and killed himself.

"In the divorce complaint, which was filed last Thursday, Michelle Liggio cited Irreconcilable Differences as the reason for the split. She was asking for joint custody of the couple's two teenage boys, child support and alimony. Dr. Liggio was also asking to remain in the home while her husband found another place to live.

"Dr. Liggio ran a private, family practice.

"The Liggios, who lived in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, leave behind two children."

From NBC10 Philadelphia...


  1. she was having an affair...she was leaving him for another man,,.,.

    1. That is completely untrue. And you should go kill yourself.