Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dogs Found Eating Badly Decomposed Bodies

"TELL CITY, IN — Two bodies discovered in a mobile home Monday night were being eaten by their pet dogs.

"The mother and son were found dead inside the mobile home on 13340 Mason Drive by Franklin's daughter Monday night, but, we're told, the bodies could have been there much longer than that.

"State Police say 47-year-old Franklin Anthony Kirk, shot and killed his mother, 64-year-old Elaine S. Kirk, 64, in their home.

"Investigators say Franklin then took his own life.

"Detective say a handgun was recovered at the scene.

"Neighbors say they the last time they saw either Franklin or Elaine was more than a week ago.

"The Perry County Coroner says the bodies were badly decomposed.

"`Apparently a couple of the dogs ate on her head a little bit so they killed all the dogs,` said Charles Baumeister, Perry County Coroner.

"Indiana State Police reported Perry County Sheriff's deputies shot the dogs when they discovered the animals had eaten parts of the bodies. ISP added it is regulation that if a dog eats human remains it cannot be accepted at a shelter and must be destroyed."


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