Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Deaths May Be Result Of Neurological Disorder

"BAGLEY, MN — Jack Gerbracht shot and killed his mother, Darlene Gerbracht, on Monday before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide, Gerbracht’s stepson, Ben Vorderbruggen, said Wednesday.

"Police have not yet released the names of the two people found dead at 406 Getchell Ave., but Vorderbruggen said it was his stepfather, Jack Gerbracht, and Gerbracht’s mother, Darlene Gerbracht, who were found dead there.

"Vorderbruggen said Jack Gerbracht, 41, suffered from Pick’s Disease, a neurological disorder, and that the disease caused his personality to `take a 180-degree turn.`

"`We’re just floored by this,` he said. `I understand that he did do this, but that wasn't the man I know.`

"Vorderbruggen learned of the tragic circumstances as he was driving to Bagley from his home in North Dakota.

"`She was really caring,` he said of Darlene Gerbracht, who lived less than two blocks from the home Jack Gerbracht shared with his wife, Sara, and their two daughters.

"Vorderbruggen regrets that Darlene Gerbracht did not have the chance to meet his newborn child.

"He said little is known about Pick’s Disease. Jack Gerbracht’s brother and father both died from it.

"`It’s a very progressive disease that affects impulse control,` Vorderbruggen said. `I don’t want people to remember Jack as a murder/suicide. He was a very caring and gentle person. Violence was one one-millionth of his personality.`"

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