Saturday, June 18, 2011

Man Beats Wife & Kid To Death, Lies Down In Front Of Train

"WARRINGTON, PA — A Warrington man bashed his wife and son to death with a baseball bat Friday night before committing suicide by laying down in front of a train, according to police.

"The man called 911 about 9:40 p.m. Friday and reported finding his wife and 7-year-old son bludgeoned to death in their home on the 100 block of Redstone Drive, according to District Attorney David Heckler. Heckler said the dispatcher asked the man if he did it and the man said yes.

"Heckler described the man's demeanor with the 911 dispatcher as polite even after confessing to the murders, adding that the man said, `Thank you.`

"Warrington, Warminster and Warrick police rushed to the neighborhood, but the man had already left, Heckler said. Police, unaware the man was gone, surrounded the home and tried to make contact with anyone inside. About 11 p.m. officers entered the home through the garage and found the wife and son deceased.

"The wife was found in a second floor bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom and the son was found in another upstairs bedroom and appeared to have been struck in the head, Heckler said. Police recovered a bloody baseball bat nearby. He said it appeared the husband struck them repeatedly until they were dead. There were no indications of a violent struggle and they may have been asleep when the attack began.

"Police began looking for the husband's Toyota Camry.

"About 1 a.m. Hatboro and Warminster police were dispatched to a report of a person struck by a train. Heckler said police found the Camry nearby. He said it appeared the 44-year-old man had layed his head down on the track and waited for the train to run him over.

"Heckler said there are indications that the family was having financial troubles."



06/22/2011 — Police close the books on this one...


  1. Wow. Brutal.

    If you look at pictures of the home in the Philly Burbs article, the "financial troubles" are obvious. One of those McMansions that was so popular during the housing bubble.

    And if you go to and check out the price of 104 Redstone Drive (an empty lot in the same neighborhood), it sold for $160K in 2007. Now, it's listed at $12K.

  2. RR crossing in Hatboro, lots of parking nearby.