Monday, April 16, 2012

Elderly Couple Found Dead Of Gunshot Wounds

"EUGENE, OR — According to the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a call at approximately 10:16 AM on April 15, 2012 from the 4000 block of Corona Street in the north River Road area, Santa Clara.

"A 55-year-old woman had become concerned about her elderly parents who had not been seen for a couple days. She went to their house and discovered her parents, Leonard, 84, and Lois Hart, 82, deceased inside. The first arriving deputies verified that both were deceased from apparent gunshot wounds and initiated an investigation.

"The Lane County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed the Hart’s each died of gunshot wounds, classifying the death of Lois as Homicide and that of Leonard as Suicide. No motive is known in the deaths and the investigation indicates there were no other persons involved in the incident.

"`There was some written communication left behind,` said Detective Sergeant Cliff Harrold. `In order to protect the privacy of the family we would not necessarily plan on releasing that letter. The letter was written by Leonard to his three children. The letter does NOT indicate that Lois was involved in the decision for this to occur. The letter expresses some anger toward Lois.`"


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