Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gawker Describes Scene Of Murder/Suicide

"SAN JOSE, CA — Police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide Saturday in a shopping center on the 1000 block of East Capitol Expressway, near McLaughlin Avenue authorities said.

"At 9:32 a.m., officers responded to 911 calls and found a man and a woman suffering from a single gunshot wound in a parking lot outside Starbucks in South San Jose, Officer Jose Garcia said.

"Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene, Garcia said.

"`I heard a pop,` said Corey Rentie, who was reading a Bible in a nearby McDonald's at the time of the shooting. `I jumped up out of my seat to see what happened.`

"Rentie said he saw two people—a woman dressed in pajamas and a man—lying face down on pavement about 20 yards apart. Both had been shot once in the head, said Rentie, 48, of San Jose. He checked both of them to see if they were breathing. They were not.

"`It must have been small-caliber bullet because there was no splatter,` he said.

"Police have cordoned off a large area of the shopping center parking lot, where homicide investigators are interviewing witnesses.

"Police said no other details are available at this time."


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