Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"The Guy Just Went Haywire"

"VOORHEES, NJ — The Camden County Prosecutor's office says Dr. Payman Houshmandpour was leaving to go to work at Virtua Hospital around 7:30 a.m Wednesday, when a former colleague was waiting for him in the parking lot of his condo community on the 3400 block of Avalon Court in Voorhees.

"The gunman, who prosecutors identify as Dr. Giocondo Navek, allegedly went up to his car and fired multiple shots into the Audi, killing Dr. Houshmandpour, according to the prosecutor's office.

"Police say they pulled over Dr. Navek a short time later on Centennial Boulevard, and ordered him out of the car. That's when officers say he shot and killed himself.

"The prosecutor's office says the doctors worked with each other until about two years ago. Neighbors [said] that they believe the two doctors had issues with each other when they worked together at Virtua.

"One neighbor described what he heard. `The first two shots were like a second after each other, and then he just unloaded like 4 or 5 more shots just like instantaneously—bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Yeah, There's bullet holes on both sides of the car, passenger and driver side, window shattered everywhere. The guy just went haywire, that's what it sounded like anyway you know, he was on a mission,` said Ron Gorman, neighbor.

"Dr. Houshmandpour was in his 30s, married with a young child, according to neighbors.

"Police are now investigating what led to the shooting. "

From NBC Philadelphia...


04/11/2012 — Incident called "revenge attack"...
04/12/2012 — Girlfriend of murder/suicide doctor found dead...

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