Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Is This Really Happening?"

"LARGO, FL — Police say two people are dead from a shooting in the parking lot of a Largo Walgreens.

"The shooting happened around Noon Wednesday near the pharmacy drive-thru at the store located at 5800 Roosevelt Boulevard.

"Largo Police are calling the shooting a murder-suicide.

"Police [said] a husband and wife in their late 30's or early 40's were arguing as they drove down Roosevelt Blvd in a red pickup truck.

"Officers say they pulled into the Walgreens, where the man shot the woman and then killed himself.

"I heard one pop, then I turned around and he unloaded seven more shots into the woman," said Samantha Warren, who was driving through the pharmacy with a baby.

"Other shoppers were there moments later.

"`We saw the blood and the color of his face,` said Jessica Barrett, `it was like, 'Is this really happening?' It was surreal.`

"No names have been released at this point.

"Police also aren't saying what the specific motive may have been, other than calling it a domestic disturbance."



04/25/2012 — Shooter was local firefighter...

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  1. No Woman Deserves to have 7 rounds loaded into her not even one to cause her death like that! I live not far from this Walgreens. I knew something wasn't right when I drove by that store when I saw the blue Tarp surrounding that area. This is another reason I will never get married again! How long were they married? I hope they follow up on their investigation.