Sunday, January 10, 2010

Doctor, Wife Dead In Florida Murder/Suicide

"SPRING HILL, FL - A prominent Hernando County doctor and his wife were killed in what detectives believe was a murder-suicide.

"Sgt. Donna Black said that Dr. Robert Blackburn called a family friend, who arrived at the doctor's home in the Lake in the Wood subdivision.

"When the friend arrived Dr. Blackburn showed his friend a stab wound, then asked the person to leave.

"Dr. Blackburn went inside and the friend called 911, and waited for deputies to arrive.

"When deputies entered the home on 6945 Laurel Oaks Drive, they found the bodies of Dr. Blackburn, 55, and his 40-year-old wife Sarah.

"The investigation is ongoing but detectives believe Blackburn killed his wife, then took his own life.

"In addition to his practice in Brooksville, Blackburn was the medical director for Hernando County and Spring Hill Fire Rescue."



  1. The guy was an Arrogant jerk. The wife was a very nice lady and mother.
    I feel bad for her and the kids and her family.
    This story goes on and on about this boob. And forgets about the victim here.

  2. Of course you want to remain anonymous because you are a coward. Dr. Blackburn was an awesome individual and doctor. He was very active in the community and loved his patients and friends. He never turned his back on anyone that needed him. Hernando County, Spring Hill and the entire community has lost a valuable friend and professional. He will not be easily replaced.

    May you both rest in peace.

    Lorri Holt

  3. Only Bob, Sarah and god will know the answer.

  4. Reading the news regarding Dr Blackburn surprised us yet it did not come to us as a complete surprise. My husband and myself did not see Dr Blackburn as others apparently did. We took our children to him for about three years for we had heard by word of moouth of his so called good reputation as a good doctor yet we found he had little patience and on two occasions was not the kindest when one of our children was hungry due to us wating for over an hour to be seen so I gave them a snack in the office where he was seeing the other child and he became quite angry and rude to us for no apparant reason.It appeared as if he had mood swings. Often, he did not appear to be a happy person, at least the times we saw him. We soon left and found another doctor; however, My husband and I do feel for his wife and children. Such a sad thing for them.
    Perhaps too much success and too much materialism along with too much notary did not help to provide a happy home in this case or he wouldn't of committed such a horrific crime....killing his children's mother, his wife. Having the high society life often brings this type of ending as in Hollywood. What appears to be pefect on the ourside, isn't often on the inside. I am not always a good judge of people but the way he treated my chidlren and wife severeal times in his office, I have no regrets us leaving his practice where my children and ourselves could be treated with respect.
    but in the end..May they both rest in peace for someone to commit such an act, they could not be complete inside and how sad it had to end this way.....

  5. correction: on article above...."the way he treated my children and myself"....

  6. I read above someone made an angry comment due to someone else going anonymous and all I can say is perhaps people post comments in this way for people who react as you. Generally speaking one goes by their experiece with a person and is this case I would assume they did not have good experiences with Dr Blackburn. I, too heard her was not the nicest person and yes, I always heard the word used, Arrogant....I do not know myself but in any case, if he was or not, it is sad he did this to his wife and children so he must of been a self centered person at best.

  7. The sad fact of the matter in this is that there are two children who are parent-less tonight. No one ever knows what is going on behind closed doors. No one, sometime even a person's closest friends, knows what that person may REALLY think and feel on the inside. I believe this to be a crime of passion where one person finally snapped. None of us were there, so none of us will ever know what truly happened. Please say a prayer for their children and friends. At then end of the day, no one, no matter what you thought of them in life, deserves to have this happen.


  9. so you are calling someone a coward because they didn't want their name posted? I feel the only coward in this is the one who murdered his wife then took his own to escape life in there's a coward. He wanted to do the crime but not the time and obviously didnt' give a thought to their kids.
    and why would anyone defend a murderer? Doc or not, he took a life, the complete opposite of what he said under oath at the time of his medical school. Give it up....admit it....dont defend those who kill.....what kind of person would defend someone who killed their spouse? not sure who are you but think you need to rethink Dr Blackburns actions, not his accomplishments....some people thrive on being well known....thats how they survive yet live with issues as it appears he did in this case. never defend anyone who kills....thats common sense.

  10. THIS IS TO LORRI WHOEVER...most of us have the mind to admit this doctor was in the wrong killing his wife even if he did have some problems which set him off. But for anyone to defend such a crime, they must not be of high character. You seem to be blinded by all his titles not that his wife is now dead, lifless, laying in a morg and her kids are motherless all due to this jerk.. people are strange in this world but I dont often hear anyone defending or building up a killer.I suppose the mind is a deep thing and those who would defend such an act, should seek help themselves and if you were a friend of his, obviously you didn't know him well enough. I am glad I am not Sarah's family for I would be totally confused by you defending his act and builing him up as others say...into a town hero. ANd if this is what Spring Hill calls a hero, God help us all.

  11. I knew Sarah from the time she first married Bob. Living with him was no picnic in the park. She was a great mother, he was an egomanical SOB and an upstanding member of the "Good old boys Club".
    He tried to control her every move and now 2 beautiful children are without a mother.
    I will miss you Sarah, you never deserved this and I hope the truth will come out, but our sheriffs office is great at hiding things when it comes to "VIPs"
    I can see her sweet face and remember her sense of humor and kindness, I pray she is in the arms of the angels.
    Rot in Hell BOB you pontificating,egotistical, coward.

  12. This guy was a control freak. He was not a good doctor and mean to my kids too. i agree with the comments from others he was arrogant and nasty. we only had him for a dr for about 1/2 yr. my kids didnt want to go when they got sick and after observing him and talking to other people we decided to opt out as patients there. glad we did. wouldnt want him to touch us knowing what i know now, freakin nutcase.

  13. How about "ROID RAGE" ever heard of that!!!!