Monday, April 26, 2010

Father, Daughter Found Dead

"LEE'S SUMMIT, MO – A mother came home Wednesday night to find her teen daughter shot to death. In the backyard, police say the father had already turned the gun on himself.

"On Thursday, a quiet Lee’s Summit community struggled to understand what investigators call a murder-suicide.

"On a street where it’s rare to even see a speeding ticket, long-time resident Anne Delano knew something was wrong when Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers and Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies swarmed a few houses away in the 25000 block of Milton Thompson Road, just west of Lake Lotawana.

"`I was scared. At first I saw an ambulance and fire truck and thought it was maybe a health issue, but the way everyone kept coming, I knew it was something else,` said Delano.

"When deputies arrived at the scene, they found 12-year-old Gabrielle Morejon [Facebook memorial here] dead inside the basement of the home and her 58-year-old father, George Morejon, dead inside a vehicle located behind the home.

"The couple’s teenage son was found wandering in the backyard unharmed.

"Investigators say the husband was in a dispute with his estranged wife and had been living in a separate area of the home. Court records show a judge granted a 6-month restraining order against Morejon in August, 2007.

"Neighbors said there were no obvious signs of trouble at the home."

From KSHB-TV...