Monday, May 21, 2012

2 Men Dead In "Fairly Quiet Neighborhood"

"TEMPE, AZ — Tempe police on Monday were investigating an apparent murder-suicide in the 3300 block of South Oak Street.

"Neighbors reported hearing shouting and gunfire, and when police arrived they found two men outside a residence -- one was dead and one was transported to an area hospital, where he died, police said. Both men suffered gunshot wounds.

"Police would not discuss what details lead them to believe the victim and shooter knew each other. Names, ages and addresses will be released later.

"Three nearby public schools were placed on lockdown temporarily...

"Sgt. Jeff Glover, a Tempe police spokesman, described the area as a `fairly quiet neighborhood.` He said residents `can be confident we'll be patrolling the streets.`

"He said the door of the house was open when police arrived, so the shooting may have occurred as one of the men opened the door."



05/26/2012 — Love triangle may have been motive...

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