Friday, May 25, 2012

Prison Workers Found Dead In Home

"WARTBURG, TN — An emotional day Thursday in Morgan County, when two families learned they lost two loved ones in an apparent murder-suicide.

"It happened inside a home on Meadowview Church Road.

"By all accounts, the area is a peaceful, calm community just around the corner from a church, with neighbors scattered along a country-like road.

"But late Thursday afternoon, police said that sense of calm was wiped out in an instant when dispatch received an emergency 911 call from someone inside the home.

"When police showed up, they said they found a man and woman shot to death inside.

"Family members on scene [said] that Gary Hall and Janell Laymance were the victims.

"TBI was called in to investigate. They said Hall and Laymance both worked at the state-run Morgan County Correctional Complex. He was an officer, she was a nurse.

"Relatives said the couple broke up three weeks ago, and that the break-up may not have been a mutual decision.

"Family members said violence was not in Gary Hall's nature. They were waiting for all the evidence to help them understand exactly what happened.

"TBI took over the investigation. Autopsies were scheduled for Friday."


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