Thursday, May 31, 2012

Six Dead After Shooting Rampage

"SEATTLE, WA — A gunman has killed five people in two incidents in Seattle before apparently shooting himself, police say.

"The suspect died late on Wednesday, a hospital representative, Susan Gregg, said.

"Police who began scouring the area for the person who opened fire at the cafe near the University of Washington responded a short time later to another fatal shooting near the city centre. They say a man killed a woman in an apparent carjacking and drove away.

"Police said late on Wednesday they believed one man was responsible for both attacks.

"`At this time, we feel pretty confident that we have the suspect,` said Assistant Seattle Police Chief Nick Metz after the man allegedly shot himself.

"The Seattle Times identified the suspect as Ian Lee Stawicki, 40, of Seattle. The man was mentally ill, according to his brother.

"The day of drama that rocked the city started with gunfire at Cafe Racer, a restaurant and music venue north of the University of Washington.

"Police released two photos from inside the cafe, apparently taken from a security camera. One shows a man walking into the establishment, with a woman nearby reading a book. Another photo shows stools overturned, and the man standing and holding what appears to be a handgun.

"Two men died at the scene, and a third man and a woman died at a hospital.

"A wounded man was in a critical but stable condition in hospital on Wednesday night."

From Sky News...

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