Monday, May 7, 2012

Murder Suspect Found Dead In Cemetery

"VICKSBURG, MS — Charles Truitt, 44, was initially being sought for questioning in the death of 45 year old Mary Ann Truitt.

"The search ended after his body was discovered at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Vicksburg.

"Mary Ann Truitt was found dead at her home on 116 Lightcap Blvd. off of Halls Ferry Rd. just before 6 AM this morning. After finding her body, her son called 911, he told the police that her car was missing. Workers at the cemetary called police when they found the car wrecked and abandoned.

"Charles truitt's body was eventually found on the grounds. Investigators say the Truitts had recently divorced. Mary Ann's sister had no idea things would end so violently. Family members say Chalres pruitt was scheduled to move out of the house today."


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