Thursday, May 17, 2012

Couple Found "Drenched In Blood"

"PALMETTO BAY, FL — As far as neighbors went, they really weren’t very neighborly.

"Herbert Simpson, a business owner, and his wife, Li Chen, an accountant, kept pretty much to themselves.

"And that’s the way they died.

"Neighbors didn’t know much about the couple, who were found shot to death in their quiet Palmetto Bay neighborhood on Mother’s Day. Police told one neighbor Simpson shot Chen, and then shot himself.

"Neighbors didn’t hear any strife. But family members say the relationship was toxic.

"Police found Simpson and Chen shot to death at 11:30 p.m. at their home, 7720 SW 177 St.

"The couple, married for eight years, were drenched in blood.

"Officials said police were called after `some relatives` were worried when Chen, 36, and Simpson, 55, didn’t answer the phone.

"Homicide detectives are treating the shooting as a possible murder-suicide. Investigators declined to comment on the details of the killing, but said it was domestic-related."

From The Miami Herald...

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