Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"They Always Seemed To Get Along"

"NORTH BELLMORE, NY — A North Bellmore couple was pronounced dead on Tuesday afternoon in an apparent murder-suicide, according to Nassau County Police.

"The couple had four children—ranging in age from 7 to 13.

"It was unclear at press time whether the children discovered the bodies, though that appeared to be the case. The father apparently left a note for his children, saying that their mother and father were hurt and they should call 911. Their mother was found dead in the kitchen of her Smith Avenue home. Their father died later at a nearby hospital.

"Police said they believe the husband killed his wife. Neither was identified at press time, and authorities would not say how the couple died, only that guns were not involved.

"Neighbors expressed shock and dismay. `They always seemed to get along,` said Michael Sudlow.

"`I never would have thought,` said his wife, Dolores. `This was so out of character.`"

From liherald.com...

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