Friday, May 4, 2012

Two Dead, One Critical In Attempted Double Murder/Suicide

"ELLICOTT CITY, MD — One woman died and another was critically injured in a Howard County shooting Thursday night, police said.

"`Brenda Brewington, 59, of Ellicott City was pronounced dead at the scene as a result of a gunshot wound. Marguerite Mary Kohn, 62, of Halethorpe, was transported to Shock Trauma, also with a gunshot wound, and remains in critical condition,` police said.

"Police are still trying to identify the suspect in the shootings. The suspect was found in the woods near the church Thursday night, with a `self-inflicted gun-shot wound,` police said.

"Police say they are trying to notify the suspect's family, to confirm his identity.

"The small community of Ellicott City is left stunned by what happened there. Sky 9 was over St. Peter's Episcopal Church as a police SWAT team moved in with guns drawn.

"Investigators say a janitor inside the church called for help after he found two women shot in one of the church's offices. Neither of the victims are being identified yet. Police would say only that one of them was dead by the time they got here.

"Cops in full force blocked off the area as frightened neighbors watched. Officers combed the area for hours looking for a suspect. As they searched the nearby woods, they came across a may lying on the ground. He had shot himself to death. That man's handgun, Police say, was right next to him.

"What's still unclear is what could have led up to this horrific crime. Police still don't have a motive, and no one in Ellicott City seems to be able to make sense of the nightmare."



05/06/2012 — Shooter was homeless man...

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