Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"We Have No Idea On Motive"

"PORT ST. JOHN, FL — A mother of four shot and killed her children—three of whom returned home after fleeing—before killing herself Tuesday morning at a Port St. John home, according to investigators.

"The Brevard County Sheriff's Office said Tonya Thomas, 33, shot and killed her two daughters, 17-year-old Pebbles Johnson and 13-year-old Jazlin Johnson, and her two sons, 15-year-old Jaxs Johnson and 12-year-old Joel Johnson.

"Brevard County sheriff's Lt. Tod Goodyear said three of the children went to a neighbor's house to say their mother had shot them. The mother then called the children back to the house and shot them again, killing them, investigators said.

"The neighbors called 911 just before 5 a.m. and deputies found Pebbles Johnson dead in the front yard of the home at 7245 Bright Avenue.

"Deputies then spotted someone at the door, likely Thomas, and called the SWAT team, who later entered the home and found four people dead.

"`We have no idea on motive right now,` said Goodyear, who added that no note or letter has been discovered.

"The father of the children lives elsewhere in Brevard County and was very distraught upon hearing the news, Goodyear said.

"A friend of Thomas told authorities that Thomas sent a text message around 3 a.m., saying she wanted to be cremated with her children. The message wasn't received, however, until after the friend woke up, which was after the family was found dead.

"More than a dozen deputies and SWAT team members had converged on the home and the neighborhood was cordoned off during the investigation.

"Goodyear said deputies were called to the home for a domestic incident a few weeks ago, but he offered no other details."

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  1. This is so terrible. I can't imagine the fear these kids had in the last minutes of their lives. You should be able to trust your mother and never be afraid she would hurt you let alone shoot you. The worst part is they were shot and went for help but trusted their mom enough to go back when she then killed them. Breaks my heart.