Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Wake Up, Mommy"

"HOUSTON, TX — It was a heartbreaking scene in northwest Houston Tuesday when a woman was shot to death in front of her baby daughter.

"It happened at the Tidwell Estates apartment complex in the 1200 block of Tidwell near Wheatley.

"Witnesses say a man grabbed his daughter out of his ex-girlfriend’s arms and set her down. He then shot the woman while screaming `I love you.`

"The victim died at the scene with the little girl by her side urging her to `Wake up, mommy.`

"`She was just crying for her mother,` said Crystal Harris, a neighbor.

"The man then shot himself to death.

"`It was about eight gunshots all together. And when I walked back this way, that’s when I seen it was a body on the ground,` said Harris.

"The toddler wasn’t harmed physically.

"`She’s in a state of shock,` said M.F. Stahlin with HPD Homicide. `She’s just seen her mother get shot by the person she knows as her father.`

"With both parents gone, the little girl is being cared for by relatives."

From KHOU.com...

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