Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bodies Found In Separate Homes

"NEWTON, NC — Sheriff’s departments in two counties are investigating the deaths of a boyfriend and girlfriend who were found dead in their own homes on Monday.

"Windreth `Windy` Parsons was found shot to death in her home in Catawba County Monday evening. Officers were called to her home in Newton after her family members couldn’t reach her, said Capt. Joel Fish with the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office.

"Her boyfriend, Randy Cook, was found dead in his home on Peyronel Street in Connelly Springs. He had a .410 shotgun next to him, Fish said. It’s believed he overdosed on medicine.

"Cook’s pickup truck was found a mile away from his home, along with a note. In the note, Cook mentioned Parsons and domestic problems.

"Parsons was shot with a .410 weapon.

"Fish said it is still too soon to say conclusively that Cook is the person who killed Parsons, but he said the Burke and Catawba County sheriff’s departments are working together to see if there are connections between the two deaths. Cook’s death has been ruled a suicide while Parsons’ death is a homicide.

"When sheriff’s deputies went to Parsons’ home at 3496 Plateau Road at about 11 p.m. and found her dead, there was no forced entry into her home and her car was parked behind an outbuilding behind her house.

"Although her mom lives next door, she was out of town, Fish said."

From the Hickory Daily Record...

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