Monday, May 7, 2012

"He Never Bothered Nobody"

"REEDSVILLE, WV — State Police are still looking for answers after an apparent murder suicide from Sunday.

"Troopers in Monongalia County found a couple shot to death inside a home on McKinney Cave Road.

"Investigators say they found Randy Dalton and Lori Dodson dead in Dalton's home.

"`It was upsetting because I live this road,` McKinney Cave Road resident, John Robinson says. `To hear about a shooting on it is ridiculous.`

"McKinney Cave Road in Monongalia County is one of those quiet, country, backwoods, roads and that's why neighbors are still shocked about what happened there on Sunday.

"`He (Dalton's son) came over and said 'my dad shot himself and his girlfriend,'` neighbor, Jay Baker recalls of the incident. `He, more or less, was shaking so bad we (had to) get him a chair to sit down.`

"According to police, they found Dodson and Dalton shot to death Sunday afternoon in Dalton's home.

"`Bimbo's (referring to Dalton) always has been a quiet person around here,` neighbor, Robert Taylor says. `He's never bothered nobody, to see all the cops it was kind of a shock.`

"`She cared about people,` Robinson, speaking about Dodson, says. `Heck, she treated me wonderful. I was a little younger than them, so on the school bus she would take care of us.`

"Police records obtained by 5 News, show officers have been to the same house where they found the couple dead inside before.

"In February, Dalton apparently held a gun to Dodson's head and even pulled the trigger asking her `if she was ready to meet Jesus`.

"Neighbors mention Dalton, better known as `Bimbo`, had a drinking problem but was never violent.

"`He was a quiet neighbor," Baker says. "He never bothered nobody when he was drinking.`

"Two cars were at Dalton's home on Monday, but no one answered when [reporters] knocked on the door.

"`It's hard to look over there and know that he's not there,` Baker says."



  1. You posted this one please repost the Shannon Stafford story

  2. It doesn't appear that the shooter made any attempt to kill himself. That's why it never showed up in my alert list.

  3. The shooter was Randy Dalton. He shot my mother Lori Dodson then himself. He's threatened to shoot more than just her but nobody looks into that. If I would have known that he had then I wouldn't have let her go there without a fight.