Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Murder/Suicide Suspected In Deaths Of Mother, Son

"COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA — Earlier this week, a passer-by discovered two bodies deep in the woods in an Iowa State Park. The bodies were too decomposed to be identified other than being a woman and a boy, so autopsies were performed to learn the identities and the causes of death for the two people.

"When the results came back, according to, speculations were confirmed. The bodies were a Nebraska resident, Charlotte Schilling, and her young son, Owen. The two had disappeared about two weeks before and never returned. Schilling's car was found, but authorities were still looking for the mother and son.

"Schilling was last seen at a convenience store earlier with her son according to witnesses, but nothing else was known about the events that led up to the deaths. Everything seemed normal, so the authorities' guesses at this point are surprising.

"Outside foul play is not suspected by authorities. Instead, at this point, they believe that Schilling herself is responsible for the actions. More work is being done to confirm it, but the action is believed to be a murder-suicide.

"Neighbors and witnesses are very surprised at this assumption, believing that nothing at all had been wrong with the family. The boy was said to be very happy and the mother was very kind. They were great people, according to neighbors."

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