Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two Dead In Rite Aid Parking Lot

"ENFIELD, CT – A man and a women were shot to death in a car late Sunday morning in what police believe is a murder and a suicide.

"The identity of the two people, believed to be in a couple in their 40’s, is not being released yet because family members have not been notified of their deaths, Police Lt. William E. Zaczynski said.

"The shooting happened in the Rite Aid parking lot on Hazard Avenue.

"When police arrived they found the two slumped over in the car suffering from bullet wounds. Both were rushed to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield by ambulance and died at the hospital, Zaczynski said.

"The couple were driving separate cars and met in the parking lot. Police are still investigating to find out what lead to the killing.

"`It falls into a case of domestic violence,` Zaczynski said.

"Police have roped of the scene and towed both cars so they could search them, he said.

"The killing was reported by a man and a woman who ran into the store and told the clerk they heard gunshots and asked them to call police, he said."


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