Sunday, March 18, 2012

Investigators Suspect Murder/Suicide In Deaths Of Woman, Kids

"BOURBON, MO — A woman and three children were found shot to death in a remote area along a gravel road on the property of Blue Springs Ranch & Resort in Bourbon, Missouri.

"Investigators believe this is a triple murder-suicide. Crawford County Sheriff Randy E. Martin says each victim sustained one gunshot wound and the weapon, a handgun, was found close to the bodies.

"The sheriff says the victims were not guests at the ranch. Their names, ages, genders, and race are not being released, but the sheriff says they were not from the Crawford County vicinity.

"Sheriff Martin was asked if the victims are a mother and her three children.

"`Like I said we're trying to get some people out here to make a positive identification and we can release some names and more information, but at this time, we don't know that for a fact.`

"Martin did say investigators do not believe anyone else was involved in the incident.

"`We're not looking for anybody at this time,` he said.

"Asked if he believes the woman shot the three children and then herself, Sheriff Martin said, `We don't know for sure, but it kind of appears it could be that way. But again the investigation is still kind of early.`

"Sheriff Martin said investigators believe the bodies had been there for `hours,` and were likely shot Saturday morning. He said the woman's vehicle was found in the vicinity.

"The bodies were found by a guest at the ranch/resort.

"Asked if he did not know the identification of the adult female, or if he was just not yet releasing it, Sheriff Martin said, `There was identification with the body, yes.`"



03/19/2012 — "She was a very busy mom. Those kids were her life..."

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