Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two Dead After Ex-Boyfriend Shows Up With Gun

"WAXAHACHIE, TX — A woman and a man she once dated were found shot to death Friday in a home in Waxahachie in what was evidently a murder-suicide.

"The woman’s current boyfriend struggled with the gunman after taking her toddler son to safety in a back room.

"The 2-year-old boy wasn’t injured.

"The current boyfriend witnessed the woman’s shooting.

"He ran to a neighbor’s home for help after struggling with the gunman, who then killed himself, Waxahachie Police Chief Chuck Edge said.

"The current boyfriend was treated for injuries suffered in the scuffle.

"Police haven’t released the names of any of those involved in the incident.

"The toddler will be placed with his grandmother.

"Neither of the men was his father, Edge said.

"Shots were fired through the walls of the wood-fame house in the direction of arriving officers, but Edge says investigators don't know if officers were being targeted."

From KWTX...

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