Thursday, October 7, 2010

Estranged Wife Killed Outside Home

"HAMPTON, VA — Police say a man shot his estranged wife and then killed himself.

"Patricia McCarthy, 58, was shot outside a home on Pear Avenue in Hampton; authorities say her estanged husband, Tracy McCarthy, 45, had driven up to the house and they got into an argument around 6:36 a.m.

"About an hour later, Mr. McCarthy's truck was found on Terminal Avenue, across from the I-664 northbound offramp, in Newport News. His body was located shortly after that, Newport News Police said.

"The couple had domestic problems previously and Hampton police had responded as recently as last month, said Cpl. Allison Quinones, adding they were in the process of getting divorced.

"Quinones says it's unclear why they were at the home because neither person was living there, but it had previously been their residence.

"Mrs. McCarthy was a special education teacher at Davis Middle School.

"The investigation continues."


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  1. Damm..... I used to work with t MAC..... I cant believe this......